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Enjoy best spanish ham of its kind, it does not contain any colorant or preservative.

kit jamon natural sin aditivos

Directly to your home spanish ham 100% natural additives free

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Jamón Natural 100%

Jamón Natural 100%

Enjoy best spanish ham of its kind, it does not contain any colorant or preservative, a natural ham in different presentations such as entire piece, bone less quarter piece or sliced.

A product that should be in every healthy diet.

Jamón Natural 100%

Your Spanish natural ham in all kind presentations….with best quality guarantee

If you are interested our sells department will contact you in order to give the information you need and also we might send you a tasting pack so our quality shall be better proved.

Either your are a pro or want to purchase for domestic use, we invite you to check our web site where you can find all our products and more information about them.

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Producer and manufacturer of 100% natural ham in Spain | +34 969227622

About us

Since the beginning of 2014,this company with more than 40 years of experience, decided to effort even more in quality and customer loyalty creating a new concept of our product, seeing what the future use of spanish ham would be like.

Ever sincere started this new project the would be the production of a ham one and only of his kind, a different ham, its called "natural ham".

This project has three fundamentals: to eliminate additives in the production process, making it more “natural”,to produce a high quality product and last but not least to be environment friendly.

  • To eliminate additives in the production process: it is well known that additives are harmful for human beings,OMS warned about at its research called "carcinogenicity of red meat and ultra-processed meat".We decided to eliminate, before this research was even published, all kind of artificial additives of our production process, we only use ecological salt(without potassium ferrocyanide ) in out process. Elaborate groceries requires responsibility.

  • To produce a high quality product: we take care of our customers in two ways.First one is a personalized and human treat, because we are also human; second one is a commitment to develop the finest quality in all our products.We select best raw material, such as 50% duroc brece pig, ecological salt and our natural cellars where our hams cure.

  • Commitment with the environment: there is only one world, we are conscious about that. in the process we perform hams are only during five months in our refrigerated chambers, in which we provide the right temperature and humidity grade.After those five months,the air of "sierra de la Pila mountains" is on charge of curing our hams, this mountains are located 1000 mts above sea level,wich is essential to keep right temperature and humidity level at room temperature,as a result we obtain 66% of the process totally natural, with the anergy and emissions saving that supposes."

Nowadays,that project is a fact.Our idea materialized and spread in the nacional market in large surfaces as a high quality product and as well as in specialized retail stores.That is the reason we desire to be part of the international market where we already are selling our product in France,UK and Germany.We would like to offer our product worldwide and find new partners in our project.

Warranty and certificates

Jamones Bermejo inc. has all permissions and licenses (shown below)to sell all over UE.

kit jamon natural sin aditivos


Our ham 100% natural is being already sold in Spain,Portugal,France,UK,Germany and Italy...

exportamos jamones a toda europa