About us

We are a company specialized in producing serrano ham, semi-fat, V cut of skin without additives, 18-22 months cured.

Our process is totally artisan (certified by ETG)and respect Salamanca traditions where our founder comes from, Salamanca is the Meca of ham in Spain.

Our production is limited due to the work and time our process requires, no artificial additives or sugar are used during this process it is only porc meat and ecological salt. First we bury the hams into the salt for a week and then they spend 6 months in a refrigereted chamber where we control all parameters such a temperature and humidity. After that phase we take them into our natural cellars where the spend the next 12 months, there we provide them natural air coming from the mountains near to our factory wich is 1000 mts above sea level, that fact together with the natural environment are appreciable by testing our product.

Many years ago we pictured a future without artificial additives and we decided to effort to the fullest to eliminate them of our product, nowadays after 30.000 pieces sold without additiveswe are proud to say, we have achieved a healthy, nice flavoured product that represents our country and our "additives free" philosophy that soon will become more and more popular.

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